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The dreams of Rex Maughan gave birth to Forever Living Products 40 years ago. Passionate about well-being and fitness, his encounter with Aloe Vera was a revelation and decided to start his business in 1978. Forever Living’s international headquarters are in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The company holds a unique patent for cold stabilization of aloe vera pulp that preserves all beneficial properties of the plant intact, and it is thanks to this exclusive patent that Forever easily positions itself as the world’s leading producer of aloe vera.

Before its creation, Forever was just a dream and we knew that to achieve it, it was necessary that many people make considerable efforts.

At Forever, we then created a team that is honest, enthusiastic, ready to pass on his passion and have the same values.

Rex Maughan

Founder, Forever Living Products

A visionary: Rex Maughan 

Forever Living's approach

Forever offers the best wellness products at reasonable prices and accessible for all, offering the greatest number of people the opportunity to improve their lifestyle by increasing their income with a fulfilling profession based on the principle of free enterprise.

In order to guarantee a constant and optimal quality of its products, Forever chose not to go through traditional distribution channels. Indeed from the beginning, Forever has always worked with the principle of direct sales and relationship marketing. The reputation of the company was based only on word of mouth. Forever encourages its customers to talk to those around them about the products they use and enjoy.

Forever Living Products grew out of Rex Maughan’s dream and desire to create a business that combines wellness and financial freedom.

Rex inaugurates in the US a first line of innovative and high quality products that are rapidly becoming a great success.

It’s indeed aloe vera, the incredible medicinal plant that is extremely rich in nutrients, which is the DNA of Forever products.

Forever products can only be sold by Independent Forever business partners who decide to become an FBO (Forever Business Owner).

A simple and environmentally friendly distribution system

Forever’s choice of direct selling and network marketing allows customers to purchase the best aloe vera products on the market, while enjoying the best value for money with the benefits personalized follow-up and advice with a 30-day “money back guarantee”.

Millions of FBO Distributors

Countries in the world

Billions $ of turnover

The success of Forever is not a coincidence

More and more people are becoming aware that it is possible to take care of their health in a healthy and natural way, and of course the demand for natural beauty and wellness products of the highest quality continues to grow.

Another important factor in Forever Living’s success is that its unique compensation plan provides a pleasant, flexible and modern job quality . What a lot of people are looking for nowadays!

Discover the story of Forever through this short video!

Values ​​and commitments of Forever 

True success is not only acquired in the competition, but with concern for the evolution and success of others.

Rex Maughan

Founder, Forever Living Products

It is with a good dose of passion and a lot of integrity that the members of the company work with Rex Maughan for many years for some.
We accomplish our missions every day respecting the values ​​of Forever Living Products, in enthusiasm and empathy while cultivating the desire to initiate and the visionary mind that characterize Rex and its longstanding commitment.

At Forever the human is at the heart of the vision!

Solidarity and generosity are values ​​that are at the heart of our business, which is why Forever is committed to people in difficulty around the world.

Social engagement

Forever’s social commitment is very important around the world. Forever created Forever Giving, a foundation that aims to intervene in the fight against hunger, poverty, diseases and natural disasters in the United States, in the Philippines, Ivory Coast and many other countries.

In France, for example, Forever is a partner of the Rise Against Hunger association.

In Morocco, Forever Living Products is committed to the Lalla Asmaa Foundation.

Ecological commitment

Forever’s commitment is very sensitive to the ecology and respect of our beautiful planet.

Since 2006 they wish to identify and control their impact on the environment. Their process of respect of the environment is certified ISO 14001.

The company’s carbon footprint is positive, with more than 40 million aloe vera plants, Forever’s plantations produce a lot of oxygen, counterbalancing more than 2 million tonnes of CO2.

An international enterprise

With Forever Living Products, teamwork offers extraordinary possibilities.

Rex Maughan

Founder, Forever Living Products

Present in more than 150 countries across 5 continents, Forever Living Products knows how to build friendships and
international collaborations, seminars , business trips and many local and international events are
organized throughout of the year and worldwide !
These highlights are always a great opportunity to meet and share your experiences as Forever distributors.

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