Did you know that blueberries are one of the food I like the most ? Not only because it taste amazing but also because of all its health benefits 😍
A little bit of history, the Blueberry properties were discovered during the World War II ! Indeed, it seems that it was the pilots of the British Royal Air Force who made the discovery. Since they had to fly at night to escape the Germans, they had become accustomed to consuming blueberry jam to improve their vision in the dark. This practice proved to be very effective and today, after lots of research especially at Harvard, here is what was discovered :

Anthocyanidins present in blueberries helps prevent macular degeneration, as well as cataracts. Anthocyanidins also have the property of protecting brain tissue and preventing deterioration of motor functions.

Bioflavonoids help reduces visual fatigue and its antioxidant action protects the tissues of the eye against oxidation.

✅ Blueberries can reduce blood pressure thanks to nitric oxide. Which is known to “widen” blood vessels and increase blood flow and blood pressure.

Flavonoids, substances recognized for their antioxidant properties that oppose cellular aging.

✅ Lots of Vitamins C, K, zinc, maganese, potassium

If you want to protect your vision and general health, eat regularly 2-3 handfuls of them per week. Wild blueberries and organic are the best (less water and more antioxydants in the wild ones). If you can’t buy them organic, let them soap at least 15 minutes in warm water and add baking soda to remove lots of pesticides !

Do you eat/ like blueberries ?

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