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Detox and thinness program Forever F.I.T.

The C9 Forever pack is Forever’s detox and slimming program . Developed by a team of professional nutritionists in collaboration with fitness experts. It combines high quality food supplements with Forever’s famous aloe vera gel. With balanced full menu ideas, smoothie recipe ideas, an excellent sport and nutrition program, C9 Forever guarantees you exceptional results on your shape and your figure in just 9 days.

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Unique Synergy

The five products of the C9 Forever detox cure have been specially designed to interact with each other to optimize the effects of each. Together they work to eliminate toxins and revitalize the body.

Full program

In addition to food supplements, C9 Forever brings you food and sports tips. Healthy and balanced meal recipes, as well as physical exercises to achieve to optimize the results of the program.

Immediate results

Results appear from the first days, weight loss, feeling of lightness and energy boost. In just 9 days of detox purify you toxins accumulate and lose weight sustainably.
The C9 or Clean 9 program is the first phase of the Forever F.I.T. which is a complete program of 9 days to regain your shape.The program Forever F.I.T. aims to teach you how to eat well and how to move well in order to regain control of your body and your health. It will allow you to lose fat but also to gain muscle and make you take a good habit of lifestyle in sports and diet.

And the most important phase of such a type of program is the detox phase.

That’s why the Forever C9 detox pack was created. While getting rid of the toxins accumulated by bad eating habits, polution and stress, it will help you to start your weight loss.

It consists of several food supplements that are articulated around Forever Aloe Gel which is itself very famous for its detox and slimming effects.

You will also find Forever Garcinia Plus which is made from the fruit of the same name, Garcinia Cambodgia which is widely used in Indian medicine for its effects on fat metabolism and its action to reduce hunger.

The third important product of this detox program is the Forever Therm which is composed of different stimulating plant for the metabolism like green tea. It will have a fat burning effect by increasing the body’s energy metabolism and will naturally make your body consume more calories.

Like any detox program, the forever C9 has the objective of leaving your digestive system at rest by decreasing food intake, but to avoid affecting intestinal peristalsis, Forever nutrition teams have decided to add a supplement to the program. A soluble and insoluble fiber – Forever Fiber.

Forever Lite Ultra is a low calorie meal substitute, rich in essential nutrients and perfectly balanced in carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Mix with water, milk or a vegetable drink, it will replace one or more meals of your day by bringing you everything you need for less than 200 calories per meal.

The C9 detox program is actually very effective at losing weight, regaining energy and feeling much lighter. This is a crucial step for anyone who wants to start the forever FIT program and start building a dream physique by taking control of their health.

Composition of the clean 9 program

2 Aloe Vera Gel

The C9 Forever program contains 2 one-liter tetra-pack of Forever Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe vera has many positive effects on health in addition to being detoxifying and slimming.

54 Forever Garcinia Plus

The C9 Forever detox pack contains 54 capsules of Forever Garcinia Plus. Garcinia helps your stomach recover to its original size and prevents sugars from turning and storing as fat in the body.

18 Forever Therm

The C9 Forever pack contains 18 tablets of Forever Therm. Forever Therm has an action that burns fat because of its booster effects on energy metabolism. It will allow you to keep a great energy while burning more calories naturally.

Forever Ultra Lite

Forever Lite Ultra is a low-calorie but nutrient-rich meal replacement, it can be used as a smoothie mixed with fruit and a vegetable drink or simply with milk or water. It’s really delicious whether it’s vanilla or chocolate.

9 Forever Fiber

1 packet of Forever Fiber for each of the nine days of the C9 Forever program. In order to maintain a good intestinal peristalsis, forever fiber will supplement your fiber intake to facilitate the elimination of toxins by natural routes

Shaker, booklet and tape measure.

You will also find in the C9 Forever pack an explanatory booklet with recipes, physical exercises and all the steps to succeed your detox program step by step. There is also a smoothie shaker and a tape measure to take your measurements at different times of the program and track your progress.

Detox Forever C9

Before starting the program, it is very important to take the time to read the booklet in order to fully integrate the different stages of the program.

The program is divided into two phases:

The first two days of the C9:

Breakfast : 1 capsule of Forever Garcinia plus, 1/2 hour before taking 30ml of Aloe Pulp stabilized with 1 tablet of Forever Therm.

Snack : 1 packet of Forever Fiber mixed with 200ml of water or another drink.

Lunch : 30ml of aloe pulp stabilized with 1 tablet of Forever Therm and a dose of Forever Lite Ultra mixed with 240ml of water, milk or another vegetable drink. It is possible to make a smoothie by mixing it with fruits, you will find recipes in the booklet.

Dinner : 30ml of Aloe Stabilized Pulp

Evening : 30ml of Aloe Stabilized Pulp

The next 7 days:

Breakfast : 1 capsule of Forever Garcinia plus, 1/2 hour before taking 90ml of Aloe Pulp stabilized with 1 tablet of Forever Therm and a dose of Forever Lite Ultra mixed with 240ml of water , milk or another vegetable drink.

Snack : 1 packet of Forever Fiber mixed with 200ml of water or another drink.

Lunch : 1 tablet of Forever Therm with a dose of Forever Lite Ultra mixed with 240ml of water, milk or other vegetable drink.

Dinner : A meal of 600 calories, you will find several menu in the booklet.

Evening : a large glass of water 250ml

You will also find in the booklet a list of snacks allowed with daily quantity recommendations. You will not starve on the contrary.

Recommended physical activity during C9:

Throughout the C9 Forever program, it is recommended that you have moderate-intensity physical activity for at least 1/2 hour per day. It can be brisk walking, step, swimming, water aerobics, yoga, hiking, dancing, rollerblading, running or cycling. The important thing is to move a little every day to circulate the lymph and allow better elimination of toxins.

Practical tips for better results with the C9 Forever

Start a weekend to be quiet and take the time to rest for two days so that your body releases energy to detoxify deeply.

Drink a lot of water (8 glasses of 250ml per day) this will help you stay hydrated and better eliminate toxins.

Write down your measurements and take a photo before starting the C9 to see the difference at the end of the program.

Take the time to write down daily in the booklet the physical exercises, the meals you have taken, the snacks and how you feel energetically.

Limit your salt intake during C9 to avoid water retention and don’t go for sodas and high-calorie drinks that bring you sugars and calories useless.

Possible synergy of the Forever C9 detox pack with other Forever Living products


Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea

The Aloe flower infusion is ideal to accompany the weight loss and detox effects of the C9 Forever pack. With a draining effect it will promote the elimination of toxins while increasing your water consumption.


Add a packet of Argi + to your Pulp 90ml in the morning of the last 7 days to increase your stamina, improve your athletic performance and increase your fat loss.


Continue having the same products over 15 days to permanently get rid of bad habits, stay slim and fit.

What our customers say about the Detox Forever C9 Pack

Because it’s you who speak the best!
I did this detox cure and the results are quite spectacular, I lost 10 pounds in 9 days. The most difficult thing was to go through the first day, it’s the real detox, but after that I did not have any feeling of hunger. On the other side, I had a lots of energy. The products are great apart from the Fiber that I did not like the taste. I lost several inches of waist, hips, thighs, arms and calf, so I am very satisfied and I intend to start the F15. I am super motivated and in great shape thanks Forever ”

“This is the second time I do the program in 9 months, I lost 12 pounds and 20cm of waist. I went from 12 to 8 see 6. I’m really happy to be able to put my little dresses and especially to be super fit. It’s the only diet I’ve done without gaining weight. Listening to my body and my satiety, I continue to lose weight after the program. I decided to drink aloe vera every day and I highly recommend it”

“At first I was reluctant but gradually, I got used to the taste of aloe vera pulp and I could see the first results, as the loss of centimeter especially in the upper body and energy to surprise people who know me, I also discovered a new feeling of lightness and a new vision on food. The 9 days have passed quite quickly and the results are well and truly at the rendezvous!”

Frequently asked questions about the C9


How many Kilos can we lose with the C9 pack?

The weight you will lose with the C9 Forever pack depends on several things, especially your starting weight and your current lifestyle. In general men lose a little more than women, weight loss we found vary from 3 to 15 pounds in 9 days. By cons everyone was feeling better after and had a lot of energy.

Is the Forever C9 program safe?

Yes. The program runs for only 9 days and is safe for most people. But if you have health problems, or if you are followed by a doctor it is better to consult before starting the program C9 Forever, or any other program for that matter.

Am I going to be hungry during the C9 detox cure?

It is true that the first two days it is possible to have a feeling of hunger. This is normal, but hunger stops quite quickly thanks to food supplements that have been specially designed to promote the feeling of fullness. In addition you have a list of snacks allowed for the case or you would be really hungry.

The first 2 days of the program seem to be difficult. Do we have to follow them exactly ?

Yes. The C9 Forever program has been specifically developed to act very quickly and eliminate toxins that can have a negative impact on your overall health. These first two days are essential to help your body to detox and start on a good foundation. If you skip the first 2 days you probably will not have the desired results.

What is Forever Garcinia Plus for?

Garcinia is a fruit that grows in Southeast Asia which is very rich in hydroxydic acid, it helps to regulate appetite prevents sugars from turning into fats and being stored in the body. Chromium helps regulate blood sugar.

What is the Forever Therm for?

Forever Therm is a plant formula (tea, guarana and green coffee) combined with vitamins. Green tea helps with weight control by increasing metabolism and burning fat. Guarana caffeine improves concentration and vitality while vitamin C reduces fatigue.

Why do I need protein?

Proteins are the basis of all cells in the body. They are composed of amino acids that the body uses to regenerate the tissues and muscles that compose it. Many studies have shown that protein is essential to any weight loss program. A diet low in calories and protein may cause muscle wasting before fat loss. By combining Forever Lite Ultra with a balanced diet and regular physical activity you will burn fat faster while maintaining or even developing your muscle mass.

Why do you advise me to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day?

Our body made up of about 70% water. It is essential to consume water in quantity to maintain your body in good health. In addition, the water will allow you to be less hungry during the C9 Forever program.

Can I do more C9 Forever Program?

Of course, you can do several C9 a year, some people make one at each change of season. You can also do two C9s in a row depending on the desired weight loss but no more. If you do two C9s in a row you do not need to repeat the first phase of the program, you simply continue the next 9 days as the last 7 days of the first program. But the ideal after a C9 is still chained to a FIT 15.

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