Forever Aloe Lips™ with Jojoba

Protects and nourishes your lips

The soothing properties of Aloe Vera ideal for the care of the lips. Aloe vera, jojoba and beeswax have come together to make this product Forever the most advanced product available on the market for lip care in any season. Aloe Lips softens, smoothes and moisturizes dry, cracked lips.

At the mountains, skiing, the sea, the beach, and everywhere in the open air, Aloe Lips will be easy to transport and use because of its small size and convenient packaging.

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Keep smiling in all weathers

Aloe Vera, jojoba oil and beeswax make your lips soft and beautiful and protect them from bad weather and wind.

For who ?

Forever Aloe Lips™ with Jojoba is happy to follow your adventures and adapts to both fashionistas and others, for all those who want soft and hydrated lips. Every day – wherever you are.

Why do you have dry lips ?

Dry, cracked, cracked lips often occur in dry, cold weather or if the lips are exposed to a lot of wind or sun. If you lick your lips when they become a little dry, they often become drier. Our saliva contains enzymes that absorb moisture, so while licking our lips, we remove some of the natural protection of the lips, making the lips more dry. Forever Aloe Lips™ with Jojoba will be happy to help you.

Cures, softens, protects and calm

Forever Aloe Lips™ with Jojoba contains a well-proven combination of aloe vera, jojoba oil and beeswax that makes your lips soft and beautiful and protects them from the elements and the wind. Aloe vera and jojoba oil provide skin care and soothing properties, and beeswax helps protect the skin in all weathers. Forever Aloe Lips™ with Jojoba Also contains allantoin that soothes the skin and can also be used on the itch of insects, for example. Always have one in your pocket!

Main components of Aloe Lips

Aloe Vera Gel (28%), jojoba Oil (20,4%), Beeswax (7%), Carnauba and Candelilla vegetable waxes, Allantoin (comfrey).

How to use Forever Aloe Lips™ with Jojoba

Use regularly as a lip balm, especially in extreme weather conditions. Can also be used for insect bites.

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