Aloe Vera gelly

To moisturize, nourish, soothe, calm and heal your skin

Forever Living Products’ Aloe Gelly is the product that comes closest to the plant in its raw state.
Comprising essentially stabilized Aloe Vera (84.46%), this clear gel is an extremely moisturizing and remineralizing balm.

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Unique composition

Aloe Vera Gel (84.46%), Tocopherol (Natural Vit E), Ascorbic Acid (Natural Vitamin C), Allantoin.

Multi-purpose gel

First aid and comfort for the body and face in case of burns, wounds, itching, or simply as a hydrating mask.


This cream has been tested by the Dermatest Institute and has been awarded very well , thus guaranteeing its customers a high quality cream, dermatologically adapted to all.

Whether you have oily, normal, dry to very dry or dehydrated skin Forever Aloe Gelly is for you.

Its high aloe vera content makes Aloe Gelly a balmy balm that penetrates the epidermis without leaving a trace.

We find the virtues of Aloe Vera in this balm, which are soothing, restorative and moisturizing properties .

Hydration is noticeable immediately after using the jelly. The latter is quickly absorbed by the skin and you feel that your skin is better hydrated so dry and dehydrated skin feel well and a softer skin .

If you went to the sun and had severe sunburns and superficial burns you can apply Aloe Gelly layer thicker on the area, your skin will be soothed and recover faster .

In the case of dermal irritations the Gelly soothes the sensations of irritation and soothes very sensitive or damaged skin.

Aloe Gelly also has restorative properties thanks in particular to the vitamins contained in the plant and all the indispensable mineral salts.

So in the event of daily minor sores , especially the small bumps of our cherubs, you can apply a dose to the bump and the properties active ingredients of the plant accelerate the healing process , thanks to allantoin contained in the plant that soothes and promotes skin regeneration, it also works on small wounds or mild burns .

Vitamin E is found which has antioxidant properties , which will allow the skin to fight free radicals .

This Aloe Vera gel provides deep hydration as it penetrates 3 to 4 times faster than water and 7 times deeper . Also equipped with polysaccharides that act to reorganize the cells of the stratum corneum that can strengthen the stratum corneum while providing softness and flexibility .

As you can see, Forever Living’s Aloe Gelly is your companion and your ally to have absolutely in all bathrooms and care kit.

Its high Aloe Vera content and ease of use make it a product of the Forever range strong> to have in all circumstances with oneself as well for the big ones as for the small ones.

Indications on the components Aloe Gelly



Powerful healing. Accelerates cells regeneration of the skin.


Vitamins C & E

Antioxidant properties. Help fight against aging skin.

Instructions for use for Aloe Gelly

Clean the skin thoroughly before applying!

– Small open wound : Apply directly, bleeding should stop very quickly. If tingling, blow on a few seconds. Renew the application 6 to 7 times a day for great results.

– Stings of mosquitoes, wasps, mutton, fleas, jellyfish: apply immediately to reduce the feeling of itching or burning; renew the application as often as needed!

– Burns / sunburn : Apply immediately and every hour on the 1st day, every 3 to 4 hours the following days. Your skin will quickly absorb Aloe Vera gel. Feelings of calm and freshness will be life-saving!

– Facial Tightening Mask : Apply in the evening in a thick layer and leave overnight. Your skin will be fresh and bright in the morning when you wake up! Moisturize your skin as usual in the morning with your Aloe Moisturizing Lotion or/and clean it with your hydrating cleanser before applying your protecting day lotion .

– For a nice synergy of active ingredients and another creaminess, mix the jelly with the Propolis creme orAloe First.

Possible Synergy of Aloe Gelly with other Forever Living products

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