Aloe Hand Saop - Forever Cleansing Cream

Creamy cleanser for the face, hands and body.

New and improved, aloe hand soap gives you a relaxing experience every time you use it. Made from 100% pure and stabilized Aloe Vera gel , this paraben-free formula and its fruit extracts leave you feeling softer and more hydrated.

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For clean, soft and hydrated hands

Liquid soap in a handy pump bottle with cleansing substances extracted from natural sources, cucumber extracts, olive oil and lemon oil and more … Based on Aloe Vera, of course. With the Aloe Hand Soap, every use of this soap goes beyond the usual setting.

For whom?

It is a product for everyone, even for sensitive skin. Aloe hand soap is mild enough to be used every day and has a light and fresh scent appreciated by the vast majority.

Sweet and caring ingredients

We use hand soap several times a day. Therefore, it is important that the soap does not dry the skin, but deep cleans, heals and helps the skin maintain its moisture. Our own Aloe Vera is a perfect base for aloe hand soap with its skin care properties.

For clean, fine hands

Then add cleansing substances extracted from natural sources (such as coconut), softening olive oil, cucumber and lemon oil and protective glycerin. The result will be an experience apart. Light smells and deliciously fresh.

Stands out of everyday life

Aloe hand soap is very dry and mild enough to be used every day, even for sensitive skin. It is a beautiful foam and the skin has a clean, soft and silky touch. Aloe Hand Soap is packaged in a convenient and hygienic pump bottle.

Main Hand Soap Components Forever Aloe Hand Soap

38 % of aloe gel.

How to use Forever Aloe Hand Soap

– Daily : Use the Cleansing Cream to cleanse your face and body, morning and evening. Put a small hazelnut in the palm of your hand and make it lather by adding a little water and clean your face.

– For your body , use a shower flower that allows you to use little product for optimum results! Use with Aloe Scrub to de-scrape dead skin and leave skin feeling softer.

– Intimate Hygiene : Soothes, softens and cleanses without irritating the mucous membranes. Make-up removal: lather a little washing cream in the palm of your hand and massage your face to remove make-up, even the eyes! Your skin, after rinsing with clear water will be soft, fresh and bright.

– Shave : Lather a small amount of Cleansing Cream in the palm of your hand and apply like a shaving cream. Aloe protects, soothes razor burn, stops bleeding, heals and allows regrowth of hair without pimples or irritation! For even milder sensations, add to your Laver Cream a nutty of After Aloe Jojoba Shampoo.

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