Aloe & Avocado Body and Face Soap

Gently cleanses the skin without attacking it

Aloe & Avocado Body and Face Soap is a mild and moisturizing soap with avocado butter for all skin types. Clean gently and efficiently with an irresistibly refreshing citrus sweetness.

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For whom ?

Liquid soap is in the spotlight – but classic soap is a safe bet. The face and body soap with avocado is a product that is perfect for every bathroom. It is suitable for all skin types and its healthy fragrance is appreciated by both women and men.

Beauty of nature

Natural beauty begins with clean, fresh skin. And clean, fresh skin starts in nature. For 40 years, Forever Living Products has been striving to find and market natural source products for skin care. And one of them is: the lawyer.

Avocado skin care

The avocado has a lot of skin-friendly properties. It is moisturizing and soothing, while soothing your skin. In the face and body soap with avocado, it has been incorporated into moisturizing glycerin that also helps protect your skin. Together, the ingredients are a product that suits the vast majority. The oily skin is perfectly cleansed without being irritated. If you have dry and sensitive skin, this soap will help your skin maintain its important moisture balance.

Careful cleaning from top to bottom

The soap for the face and body with the avocado works as well on the face as for the rest of the body. It cleans gently, refreshes and leaves an irresistible feeling. The skin is clean, tender and refreshed.

How to use Avocado Face & Body Soap

The soap can be used both on the face and throughout the body. Rinse thoroughly and dry the skin.

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