Sonya soothing gel moisturizer

A moisturizing bomb with incredible load capacity

A soothing moisturizer that looks like a lotion, but has a gel-based formula that melts completely into the skin. Filled with lush botanical ingredients, this gel-lotion is completely absorbed into the skin without leaving a trace – in addition to leaving perfectly hydrated skin.

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2 fl. oz
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For who ?

Sonya soothing gel moisturizer is a perfect choice if you do not like thick creams. It is suitable for all ages and all types of skin – and is ideal for combination skin. Mixed skin can be felt dry sometimes, sometimes oily and sometimes neither. Many people who do not recognize themselves in specific skin problems or who identify their skin as “normal” actually have mixed skin.

Moisturizer with lush ingredients

Sonya soothing gel moisturizer is filled with modern botanical ingredients and focuses on the care of your skin. The main ingredient is of course our own Aloe vera and its softening and moisturizing skin care effects, which also contribute to the beautiful consistency of the product.

Soft, smooth and hydrated skin

More than 10 natural plant oils and extracts help your skin feel good. For example, apple, sweet potato, pomegranate, and figs that preserve moisture and white fruit extracts are antioxidants. maitake mushrooms Baked have been added to this unique formula to take care of your skin. Jojoba esters help moisturize and soothe the skin while glycerin contributes to the soothing and protective properties of this wonderful gel. We also added some vitamin C for skin care and popular anti-aging ingredients such as linoleic acid and collagene in hydrolysed form to penetrate the skin where it needs it.

Your new favorite moisturizer?

In addition to its composition, its consistency is the great strength of the Sonya soothing gel moisturizer. The gel-based formula blends in with the skin in a rather extraordinary way, while ensuring that all the benefits of the list of ingredients reach their destination. All to give you a beautiful soft, fresh and hydrated skin. Let us introduce you to your new favorite moisturizer!

Key Components of Sonya soothing gel moisturizer

37,9% of Aloe Vera gel

How to use Sonya soothing gel moisturizer

Gently massage a moderate amount on the face and neck to soothe and nourish. For best results, combine the product in your skin care routine with Sonya refreshing gel cleanser, Sonya illuminating gel and Sonya refining gel mask.

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