Smooting Exfoliator

Give new life to your skin

If you want to find a smooth and radiant skin, come and test the new exfoliating treatment of Forever Living, made especially from natural ingredients like aloe vera to bring your face back to life.

It is important to use an exfoliating treatment regularly because it will participate in the cellular renewal of your skin by eliminating the dead cells that accumulate and come to form the stratum corneum. It is therefore necessary to unclog and remove them to make a new skin.

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For whom ?

Exfoliating Care is a product for anyone who wants to help their skin regain a new life. Here, chemical exfoliating ingredients are combined with those that exfoliate manually – providing an effective product that is suitable for all skin types.

Exfoliate more

The skin forms new cells every day and simultaneously eliminates millions of dead cells. This process proceeds more slowly as we get older and can result in dry, gray, and dull skin on the surface. The Smoothing Exfoliator not only makes the skin clean, fresh, moisturizes and nourishes it, but also fights clogging. In addition, your serum and facial cream penetrate the skin more easily and function more effectively.

Carefully selected ingredients

The smoothing exfoliating ingredients are effective but at the same time gentle on sensitive skin. Our Aloe Vera is the main ingredient. Just like grape juice extract and lemon oil , it cleans your skin, moisturizes and softens it.

Chemical and Manual Exfoliation

Papain is an enzyme extracted from papaya and bromelain is an enzyme extracted from pineapple. These are gentle skin care and chemical exfoliants that gently dissolve old skin cells. Sodium lactate, the lactic acid salt naturally present in the skin, has a high water retention capacity, which means that it is moisturizing while being exfoliating. Round jojoba beads and bamboo powder in turn give a careful manual exfoliation that works on the surface.

A winning combination

Decylglucoside and glycine-based ingredients are skin care products, but also surfactant cleaners that dissolve dirt and grease without irritating or drying the skin. Glycerin, in turn, appears both moisturizing and protective. But this list of ingredients allows us to promise that the Smoothing Exfoliator exfoliates, cleanses, moisturizes and gently nourishes all skin types. The result is uniform skin tone and texture – and a whole new glow.


34 % of Aloe vera gel

How to use Smooting Exfoliator

Apply Forever Living Exfoliating Care in the evening or in the morning to clean, moist skin.

Make small circular motions avoiding the eye area. Then rinse with water.

1 to 2 times a week for normal to oily skin.

For drier or sensitive skin 1-2 times a month.

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