Protecting Day Lotion SPF 20

Beautiful day cream with SPF 20 sun protection

Protect your face from harmful UV rays with Protecting Day Lotion SPF 20 while the skin is moisturized with moist fruit extracts and the aloe vera gel .

Start your day protecting your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays and environmental factors. Forever Sun Protection Day Cream is rich in precious fruits and herbal extracts, including Crambe, a plant with a high content of fatty acids, which improves the hue and texture of the skin. The watermelon extract, rich in antioxidants, helps the skin to fight the oxidation process and Anastatica, a plant that grows in the desert and is known for its incredible ability to survive in extreme drought, helps restore the level of hydration.

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The combination of the ingredients of this natural mineral sunscreen with allantoin, known for its soothing effects on the skin, makes this product perfect for your day cream.

For whom?

A sunscreen is an important part of your daily skin care routine, not just in the summer. The protective day cream SPF 20 lotion is suitable for all those who want to give their skin good conditions to stay young, soft and hydrated. Every day, all year.

Day cream + sunscreen = shock team

Now you do not need extra sunscreen for your face. The Protective Day Cream SPF 20 contains a variety of fine ingredients that take care of your skin and protect it from the sun’s harmful rays. With physical solar filters in titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that reflect and filter UVA and UVB rays. Tokoferol (Vitamin E) and ascorbic acid ( Vitamin C ), in turn, appear to protect against harmful free radicals, formed for example by UV rays. And our own Aloe Vera , of course, also contributes to its skin-care, soothing properties and moisturizing.

Modern botanical ingredients

The SPF 20 day cream contains rich skin care ingredients and watermelon softening extracts, karragentang extracts and snow mushrooms. It also acts as a natural hyaluronic acid and is a good moisturizer. Jericoros extract appears to contract pores and is also a skin care product. Allantoin cares for your skin, soothing and protecting it.

Beautiful oils and a new discovery

The day cream also contains several delicious oils; softening sunflower oil, beautiful benevolent oil, cabbage and tungsten oil, which creates a moisturizing layer on the skin without clogging the pores. Here is also a new discovery: the callus extract of our own Aloe Vera. Callus extracts can be said to be the stem cells of the plant, cells that are still in their original form and can be shaped to have different functions. Here, for example, they help protect your skin. Together, all these ingredients create a day cream that spreads easily on the skin without feeling any fat.

Why is sunscreen important?

The sun’s UVA rays penetrate the skin and can accelerate its aging. They can also cause wrinkles and pigment changes. UVB rays, on the other hand, are those that mainly cause sunburned skin. It is not only in summer that it is important to have a cream with a sun protection factor. The winter sun also damages the skin and the UVA rays even go through the windows. If you are sitting behind a window or in a car on days, the skin is exposed to these rays even if you do not tan. A sunscreen is therefore a very important part of your daily skin care routine all year round.

Should I pull or unscrew the lid on the protective day cream?

The daytime protective lotion is supplied in a convenient, hygienic and intelligent tube with pump function. This protects the cream from excessive exposure to air, takes up less space on the shelf and thanks to the pump, you get the right amount of cream.

Remove the lid of the tube and pump the desired amount. The risk in unscrewing the lid is that the pump comes in and the vacuum that has accumulated in the product disappears. It will only be released when you pump again. If this happens, screw the pump back in and purge the air until vacuum is restored.

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Core Component

Mineral solar filters, 4,9 % of Aloe Vera gel

How to use Protecting Day Lotion SPF 20

Apply on face and neck every morning after cleansing.

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