Mask Powder

Moisturises, purifies and tones the skin

Absorbent and exfoliating mask containing a combination of effective ingredients that remove dead cells and impurities while providing a soothing effect on the skin. Used with aloe activator.

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For whom ?

Mix the Mask Powder with Aloe activator and creates a beautiful mask for the face: an aloe mask. The product is suitable for all skin types and all ages, men and women.

Exfoliates and absorbs

Every day, the skin forms new cells and eliminates millions of dead cells. This process occurs more slowly as we get older and can result in dry, gray, dull skin on the surface. So it’s time to make an aloe mask. A teaspoon of mask powder is mixed with a teaspoon of aloe activator (item 612) and applied as a thin layer to the face and throat. The Face Powder Mask contains effective ingredients, such as corn starch and kaolin, which remove dead cells and impurities and absorb unwanted oily skin.

And take care of your skin

The Mask powder also contains egg whites for skin care and chamomile, as well as allantoin which has a calming and protective effect on the skin. And because you mix it with the Aloe Activator, you also get a huge dose of our skin care, softening and moisturizing I named Aloe Vera. A brilliant combination for a shiny skin, simply.

Main Components of Mask Poweder

Albumin, corn starch, Kaolin , Allantoin, Chamomile extracts.

How to use Mask Powder

Face mask 2 to 4 times a month – for purified, smooth skin, a tight skin texture and a revitalized skin tone:

Pour a teaspoon of Mask powder into a mixing bowl, add a teaspoon of Aloe Activator and mix until you get the consistency of a fluid paste then apply a thin layer on the skin using a brush, making movements from the oval of the face to the temples.

Apply this mask to the entire face, neck and beginning of your neckline.
Lie down and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Limit facial movements for 20 minutes for optimal results.

Then apply a damp towel to soften the mask, or wet your hands and coat them with our Hydrating cleanser that you have previously emulsified and then rinse gently with fresh water preferably.

Finish your treatment with your usual moisturizer.

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