Infinite by Forever restoring crème

A face cream that’s out of the ordinary

To complement our powerful anti-aging range, we have included more than 15 skin ingredients in this cream. Although containing many moisturizing agents, the repair cream has a soft texture that softens the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving any traces or feeling greasy on the skin.

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Powerful plant ingredients such as acai and pomegranate give the skin a wonderful feeling of moisture. Centipede Cunningham, a native Australian plant, works in synergy with Aloe vera, which increases its benefits.

Together, these ingredients have been proven to soothe the skin, while Vitamin B3 and Beetroot standardize and texture the skin for a rejuvenated look. Ingredients such as squalene, jojoba esters, glycolipides and beeswax have intense moisturizing effects and contribute to the easy application of restorative creams.

To complete this masterpiece of hydration, we have added a new plant sugar structure, the latest breakthrough in the field of chemistry, to keep skin hydration intact.

A blend of essential oils with anti-aging properties, such as lavender, bitter orange, basil, eucalyptus, lime and orange, promotes the effects of aloe vera and helps restore and rejuvenate dry skin.

For whom?

The restorative cream is suitable for everyone, regardless of the type of skin. We all have different conditions, but the age of the skin depends on our lifestyle. Our skin needs all the help we can to stay fresh in the long run. Here is a good tool to restore it.

The best of nature

Of course, our Aloe vera has as its main role the skin care, softening and moisture retention. But the infinite by Forever restoring crème also contains other powerful botanical ingredients. For example, Centipeda cunninghamii improves the many skincare properties of the main ingredient Aloe vera. Here is also the jojoba that nourishes, softens, moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Take care and soften

In fact, the infinite by Forever restoring crème contains more than 15 substances for the care of the skin. These include Vitamins C and E and the popular anti-aging ingredient. Betaglucan age. Vitamin B3 helps smooth skin tone and texture, which contributes to a youthful feeling. And ingredients such as squalane, glycolipids and linoleic acid have important softening properties and allow the repair cream to penetrate easily into the skin.

Strengthens and protects

In this hydrating energy pack, moisturizing and skin care ingredients are also based on xylitol sugar. Then add the pomegranate, the powerful and protective white tea and a superb anti-aging blend of refreshing, fortifying and skin-friendly essential oils based on lavender , basil, eucalyptus, shale and orange zest. The oils also give the repair cream a natural and light fragrance without the addition of perfume.

An indispensable component of your skin care routine

All these benefits come together in a cream with a beautiful light and smooth texture. The repair cream is quickly absorbed by the skin without feeling any sensation of fat. It adapts perfectly to all skin types and is a focal point of your daily anti-aging routine.

Principal component of the infinite by Forever restoring crème

38% Aloe vera gel , Vitamin B3, Essential oils

How to use Infinite by Forever restoring crème

Used after cleansing with infinite by Forever hydrating cleanser or after infinite by Forever firming serum , on the face and throat – morning and evening. Gently apply a dose of cream to the face and neck in circular motions, climb up to the hairline.


Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye irritation, rinse thoroughly with water. If irritation persists, discontinue use and consult a physician.

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