Balancing toner

Balance, calm and refresh

Your skin lacks vitality and tone, you have a blurred or dull complexion? Forever Living has the right product for you ….

Balancing toner combines Aloe Vera (its main ingredient) with extracts of red algae, cucumber and hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration of the skin. upper layers of the epidermis. So your skin will rehydrate so less drought and continue to be so every day.

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For whom ?

Tonifying Lotion is a product for anyone who wants to take care of their skin. Like face water or toner balancing it tones the skin in your daily care routine. Soft but effective formula suitable for all skin types.

Keeping the natural balance of the skin

When we wash a cleaning product with tap water, which is basic, we change the natural pH of the skin. Toning Lotion is designed to restore the slightly acidic natural environment of the skin. Once a cleaning product acts on the surface and opens the pores, a toning lotion closes the pores and prevents dirt and grease from entering. The toning lotion also removes grease residues, dirt and grease. dead skin cells that the cleaning product is missing.And finally, it seems that your skin is ready to receive hydration from your serum or your face cream in order to make the most of your skin care products. the skin.

Effective ingredients

Thanks to its effective ingredients, a fresh balance tones the skin, calms it and restores balance in terms of moisture and pH.Here are many skin care and moisturizing ingredients: sorbitol, white tea and our Aloe Vera, for example. With cucumber, aloe helps to make the skin smooth and soft.

Tonifying Lotion takes care of your skin

White tea also seems to strengthen and make it more resistant while allantoin soothes and protects your skin.Sodium lactate, the salt of lactic acid naturally present in the skin, as well as sodium hyaluronate are all two good moisture preservatives.Finally, modern ingredients Betaglucan and Karragentang are added for their skin-care capabilities.The balancing toning lotion contains no fragrance or alcohol and is perfect for all skin types.

The main component of Balancing toner

46,3 % of Aloe vera gel

How to use Balancing toner

You can now apply your day cream and why not Infinite restoring crème from Forever Living. 

Before using the lotion, you can remove your makeup with Forever Living infinite hydrating cleanser . So you will have a perfectly healthy skin.

The lotion is applied morning and evening on the neck and the face. Pour the necessary amount of product onto a reusable cotton pad and apply to your skin. 

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