Aloe Scrub

To clean your skin thoroughly and gently

Forever Aloe Scrub means more than deep cleansing of the epidermis. Thanks to its unique composition based on Aloe Vera gel and Based on jojoba oil-based solid microspheres, Aloe Scrub is delicate enough to be used daily but powerful enough to allow effective exfoliation of dead cells and accumulated debris in the pores. Its two natural ingredients facilitate the cell renewal process and protect the epidermis from the overly aggressive desiccating effect of traditional synthetic exfoliants.

Forever Aloe Scrub eliminates dead cells and cell debris that clog pores. By its action, the dull skin acquires a luminous, radiant and refreshed appearance.

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Clean the skin without drying it out

Forever Aloe Scrub provides effective body exfoliation – and is gentle enough to use every day. Based on our own Aloe Vera, of course.

For whom?

For young and old alike, both women and men: it’s a Forever product that is suitable for anyone who wants to get rid of their dead skin and do a deep cleanse from time to time. Suitable for all types of skin.

Why exfoliation?

The skin forms new cells each day and simultaneously eliminates millions of dead cells. This process occurs more slowly as we get older and can result in dry, gray, dull skin on the surface. Regular exfoliation not only eliminates dead skin cells and makes the skin clean and fresh, it also makes it easier for your creams to penetrate and become more effective.

Gentle efficiency

The main ingredient of Forever Aloe Scrub is our own Aloe Vera, chosen for its care, softening and moisturizing properties. It comes in the company of natural jojoba pearls that gently exfoliate and remove impurities. Sodium lactate, lactic acid salt, also exfoliate – while helping the skin to maintain its hydration.

Gives great results

Forever Aloe Scrub also contains sweet cleansing coconut and Vitamins C and E for skin care . The result is a comfortable product that makes your skin clean and fresh – without drying it out. Your skin will also be new – and your creams will have the best conditions to prove their effectiveness.

Main components of Aloe Scrub

Aloe Vera gel (30%), Jojoba wax (13%), vitamin C, vitamin E


Indication on Aloe Scrub

  • Aloe vera : recognized for its moisturizing, nourishing, soothing, soothing and regenerative properties.
  • Jojoba wax : the microspheres of jojoba wax have a double action, first exfoliating, then nourishing and protective, because the jojoba oil released, very close to the human sebum, contains essential fatty acids that play a very important protective role especially against UV.
  • Vitamins C and E : antioxidant properties.

How to use Aloe Scrub

Apply to the face or body moistened (avoid the eye area), massage gently (in circular motions) for a few minutes until the cream is absorbed and the “wax” begins to detach. Rinse with warm water.

Its regular use helps regulate sebum production in oily skin and quickly cleans up “problem skin”.

Then apply Aloe First (item # 40) and your cream to moisturize, protect and balance your skin.

Shine: Use the Aloe Scrub before a party to prepare your skin before the make-up … The shine effect will be certain because all dead skin will be removed gently and your skin will be radiant. Use after your scrub the Alpha-E factor serum (item # 187) associated with your base cream.

It is advisable to apply regular scrubs during the summer before sun exposure to maintain a lasting tan.

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