Sonya™ precision liquid eyeliner

Give your eyes an intense frame

With its black carbon pigment, Sonya ™ Precision Liquid Eyeliner gives your eyes an intense and eye-catching frame and with its skin care ingredients, the eyeliner takes care of sensitive skin around the eyes. The fine and defined brush facilitates access to the line you want, only the imagination defines the limits.

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1 ml
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For whom ?

Sonya™ precision liquid eyeliner  is suitable if you are looking for a high quality eyeliner with a black carbon pigment and a brush set in an ergonomic pen. An eyeliner filled with skin care ingredients, easy to apply to the perfect spot.

Bold, but nice

Sonya Precision Liquid Eyeliner contains no less than nine skin care ingredients, including our Aloe Vera , castor oil, vitamin E, provitamin B5 and sunflower oil. These make our eyeliner more sensitive to sensitive skin around the eyes, while flowing smoothly and easy to apply. Easy to apply and easy to remove after use.

How to use Sonya™ precision liquid eyeliner

Very gentle scrub for a clean line along the line of eyelashes: Start with the outer part of the eyelids and pull the line in the center of the line. Continue from the inner part of the eyelids and draw a line to the center that joins the first line.

For a gentle and gentle eyelash cleaning, use the Sonya Aloe Eye Cleanser on organic cotton tampons. thoroughly cleanse the skin of the face.

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