Forever Multi-Maca

Stimulates tone and libido!

Forever Multi maca is a combination of various plants, roots and fruits that will boost both physical and intellectual performance . Ideal at the time of menopause, the multi maca will come to promote the hormonal balance of the woman and in the men it will have a beneficial action in order to maintain in good health the urinary function . Libido in men or women can vary according to our age, fatigue, anxiety Forever Multi-Maca is a plant association specifically designed to come rebooster this libido , thanks in particular to L-Arginine and the plant extracts contained in its tablets.

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60 tablets
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Unique composition

Maca root, Tribulus terrestris fruit, Muira Puama bark, Sabal berry, Pygeum bark, L-Arginine.

Boost the libido

Maca is Aphrodisiac, this plant stimulates the sexual desire of men and women.

Stimulates the body and the mind

Forever Multi-Maca Boosts Physical Energy and Intellectual Performance.
You will find in Forever Multi-Maca root powder of Maca, a plant belonging to the family Brassicaceae.
It is an edible perennial that is native to Peru.
These nutrients provide the body with stimulating properties , which will bring you everyday: energy boost , better physical performance , better recovery , improved memory , and increased concentration .

Maca contains many active ingredients, it is rich in carboxylic acid, which will have a stimulating action of sexual activity . In addition its sulfocyanate content makes it a very good 100% natural aphrodisiac.

Maca will not only have an effect on sexuality, with a significant nutritional value, maca, is also a real stimulant for the body . (toned muscle, increased energy, contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system)

Maca is rich in vitamins (B1 and C), essential fatty acids and minerals (iron, calcium …)

For women during menopause , maca may be useful because it works against hormonal disorders , hot flashes , swings in the mood ….

Forever Multi-Maca tablets contain L-Arginine .
Semi-essential amino acid L-Arginine will stimulate blood circulation , strengthen the immune system and have a positive influence on male libido >.

The Muira Puama also present in Forever Multi-Maca, is a shrub native to Latin America, the extracts of this plant are known to the Indians of Amazonia to treat the impotence neuromuscular problems , rheumatism and influenza .

Tribulus Terrestris or “Maltese cross” is a tropical perennial native to India.
It is known to have positive effects on sexual performance but also sports . Traditional Asian doctors used it to cure sexual dysfunction and treat infertility .

Sabal berries are used to treat various urinary disorders in both men and women.

Pygeum bark (African plum) is used to treat nocturnal pollakiuria , benign prostatic hypertrophy and ‘ Prostate adenoma . It reduces the urge to urinate and weakens the residual urinary volume. It will also have an action to help stop the accumulation of cholesterol .

Benefits of Forever Multi-Maca



Maca and L-arginine stimulate sexual desire and increase the sexual performance of men and women. It also has a beneficial effect on fertility. Muira puana is a herb used by Amazonian Indians to treat impotence.

Physical Performance

Forever Multi-Maca brings you vitality and vitality. Maca, Muira Puama and Tribulus Terrestris are all 3 plants that increase muscle tone, energy levels, physical resistance and physical performance.

Mental performance

Maca and Muira Puama both have a beneficial effect on concentration, memory and intellectual performance.

Hormonal balance of women

It helps women’s hormonal balance during menopause and helps soothe their symptoms.

Urinary and prostate disorders

Pygeum powder has been extracted from its bark for hundreds of years to treat prostate disorders. And sabal berry was used by Native Americans to treat various urinary disorders.

How to use Forever Multi Maca

Take 2 tablets with each meal, 6 tablets of Multi-Maca per day.

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