Forever Lycium Plus

Effective protection against free radicals!

The Forever Lycium Plus is a unique component that has been used for centuries in China, Tibet and Mongolia. This is the Goji berry which is a bay of Lycium Barbarum. Goji berry is one of the “super foods” because it is one of the most nutritious foods. In addition it contains 18 amino acids, 21 trace elements including calcium, phosphorus, zinc, geranium …, vitamins, B1, B2, B6, C and E, fatty acids … ..

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Unique composition

Mongolia goji berry and licorice root mix.

Strong antioxidants

Licorice root is even richer in antioxidants than vitamin c.

Rich in Omega 3

The goji berry is an excellent source of omega 3 plant.

Also found in the formula Forever Lycium Plus are liquorice extracts.
It turns out that already more than 2000 years ago, licorice root and goji berries were extremely used in medicine. the most important principle is the maintenance of harmony and the ideal balance of the whole organism.

Goji berry extracts have been attributed regeneration for centuries. It was deeply believed that it had a rejuvenating effect on human beings. The Goji berry is known for restoring vitality, improving vision, adding shine to the skin, and acting to make joints and ligaments more flexible.

The second component of Forever Lycium Plus is a Licorice root extract rich in bioflavonoid.
The composition and proportions of bioflavonoids contained in it make it one of the most powerful natural antioxidants in the world.

The effectiveness of its action against free radicals far exceeds that of vitamin C known for its antioxidant properties! In addition, licorice is known for its invigorating, digestive properties and softens the throat in case of irritation.

Regularly used Forever Lycium Plus protects against the harmful influences of the external environment, adds strength , energy and a younger look.


Benefits of Forever Lycium Plus


Forever Lycium Plus is very nutritious

The goji berry is a superfood that contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, trace element. It also contains 20 amino acids, including 9 essential and omega 3.

LOng life elixir

The different traditional medicines of the world recognize the toning, digestive and nutritive virtues of licorice root which make it a true elixir of longevity.

Very effective against sore throats

The root of licorice with softening properties for the throat, let melt a Lycium tablet more in your mouth to calm almost instantly your sore throat.

How to use Forever Lycium Plus

Take one tablet three times a day to fight free radicals and increase immunity, or melt a tablet in the throat to relieve sore throats

Possible synergy of Lycium Plus with other Forever Living products


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