Forever Ginkgo Plus

Promotes circulation to the extremities

Forever Ginkgo Plus brings together 3 medicinal plants and a mushroom, very famous in China and India for their virtues on the functioning of the peripheral circulatory system. Ginkgo biloba, reishi, shisandra and fo-ti form a unique synergy that is very beneficial to many metabolic processes of the human body, to bring you physical well-being and a calmer mind.

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60 tablets
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Unique composition

37% Reishi extract, 5.32% Ginkgo biloba extract, 23% dried fruit extract of Schisandra chinensis, 20% Fo-Ti extract.

Good for body and mind

Forever Ginkgo Plus acts in many ways to bring you physical and mental well-being.
With its unique blend of Chinese herbal medicines Forever Ginkgo Plus acts positively on many metabolisms and processes of the human body.

Benefits of Forever Ginkgo Plus


Improves peripheral circulation

Ginkgo biloba is known for its vasodilating effects, promoting irrigation in small blood vessels (capillaries), the brain, the retina and the middle ear.

Simulates the nervous system and cognitive function

Ginkgo biloba and Shisandra together actively stimulate cognitive functions, enhance memory, benefit the nervous system and reduce stress.

Good for kidneys and liver

Fo-TI is known in China for its tonic effect for the kidneys and the liver, it helps maintain the balance of fats in the blood and stimulates the immune system.

How to use Forever Ginkgo Plus

Take 2 tablets daily. Strictly not recommended for people on anti-coagulants, pregnant and lactating women and people on antidepressant treatment.

Possible synergy of Forever Ginkgo Plus with other Forever Living products

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