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Absorbent-C from ForeverLiving is a unique combination of vitamin C and oat bran fiber.
Linus Pauling (American chemist and physicist, Nobel Prize in chemistry) has demonstrated in several studies the benefits of vitamin C and encourages regular intake to fight many infections.

Forever Living has specially designed Absorbent-C to prolong the bioavailability time of vitamin C, to make it even more effective for our body.

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100 tablets
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Unique composition

Natural fibers of oats, honey and vitamin C.

Continuous diffusion

Oat fiber allows long-term continuous release of vitamin C that can not be stored by the body.


Honey Forever Absorbent-C gives it a delicious sweet taste that will delight your taste buds.
Since humans are not able to synthesize their own vitamin C, it is important that we find external sources of vitamin C. Moreover, in developed countries, the population is often deficient in vitamin C, hence the importance of supplementing oneself.

Vitamin C also helps to better assimilate iron in the body and facilitates intestinal transit.
Indispensable for the proper functioning of the nervous system, depression may be a sign of vitamin C deficiency. It is also a powerful brain stimulant, good for memory and concentration.
Contrary to popular belief vitamin C taken in good quantity promotes falling asleep and helps to find a good sleep.

Without vitamins C the body does not manufacture enough collagen which will have negative repercussions on our ligaments, our bones …
Vitamin C is also beneficial for better healing and acts against aging cells.

In addition, vitamin C will increase our immunity which will allow the body to be more responsive in case of external aggression, it will also have a beneficial effect in these temporary fatigue by improving our tone.

Antioxidant Vitamin C helps fight chronic diseases, cardio and cerebrovascular disorders.

It also allows the synthesis of adrenal hormones that will play in case of stress, so can better respond to stressful situations.

As for oat bran fibers, they will come to provide B vitamins, proteins and B-glucan fiber, they will also support the absorption of vitamin C.

Benefits of Absorbent-C


Tone and Vitality

Absorbent-C will bring you vitality and vitality in case of temporary tiredness or during a rum. On the other hand, contrary to received ideas, it also favors falling asleep.

Protects the body

Vitamin C has a very important antioxidant action, it also stimulates the immune system, promotes healing and acts against aging cells.

Strengthens skin, bones and ligaments

Vitamin C plays an important role in the production of collagen, a protein essential for the construction of connective tissue of skin, bones and ligaments.

How to use Absorbent-C

Melt in the mouth one tablet a day at breakfast time.

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