Aloe MSM Gel

Your best ally to avoid joint pain

Beautiful odorless massage gel with soothing, fortifying and skin care properties. Contains MSM, Aloe vera and various herbs.

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4 fl. oz.
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For whom ?

This product is suitable for all those who enjoy giving or doing a good massage. Suitable after the sport. Because the Aloe MSM Gel does not smell, it’s perfect even for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

Massage over

Whether you’re spending a long day in your office chair or coming out of the workout, all tired bodies enjoy a good massage and Aloe MSM Ge l helps you soften your body. Warm your hands before you start, then generously squeeze your Aloe MSM Gel tube and massage. It’s not harder than that.

Well-chosen ingredients

Massage on dry skin is not a pleasant experience. Therefore, Aloe MSM Gel contains several skin care ingredients, soothing and moisturizing. The main actors are of course our own Aloe Vera , but there are also skincare products like rosemary and Vitamins C and E. Pilbark extract is soothing and invigorating, sodium hyaluronate and glycerin are good preservatives and allantoin soothes and protects your skin.

What is MSM?

The other main ingredient of Aloe MSM Gel is MSM ( methylsulfonylmethane ), an organic sulfur compound that is naturally found in body cells and in nature. Bathing in sulfur-rich springs has long been a tradition, and it is said that the ancient Romans bathed in hot springs containing sulfur after being in combat. Today, MSM is a popular ingredient in dietary supplements and creams. In Aloe MSM Gel the MSM is extracted from the bark of trees.

Major Components of Aloe MSM Gel

Aloe Vera Gel (40.2% ), Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) (15%), Bearberry Extract, Allantoin, Tocopherol (Vit E), Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary Extract, Willow Bark Extract.

How to use Aloe MSM Gel

Joint Pain : Apply Aloe MSM Gel 3 to 4 times a day by penetrating the product into the skin at the level of aching joints

Poultice : Ideally at night, generously apply a good layer of Aloe MSM Gel to the skin where it hurts and then wrap and leave to act for several hours.

Skin Problems : Make a mask with Aloe MSM Gel after having previously cleaned your skin with Infinite Cleanser , Sonya Cleansing Gel or Aloe Hand Soap washing cream .

Tip : Mix Aloe MSM Gel and Propolis Cream for a better smoothness and synergy between propolis and the active ingredients of Aloe MSM Gel.

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