Forever Bee Pollen

My stimulant 100% natural !!!

During the change of season your organization is challenged … more inclined to the small words daily and the reductions of diets, the Forever Bee Pollen will help you to stay the course by improving your vitality and increasing your body’s resistance .
Forever Bee Pollen is a natural product, collected directly from the flowers by bees.
Its stainless steel containers will allow it to keep its freshness and guarantee its quality.

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100 tablets
Price USA : 13.93 USD


Unique composition

Contains 86% of pollen collected by bees (50mg / tablets) and 12% of honey Forever

Toning and stimulating

Natural toner, pollen helps improve physical performance.


Ideal before spring

Forever Bee Pollen helps you start spring in good conditions.

Foreverliving Forever Bee Pollen is a product suitable for everyone, it comes from the stamens of flowers.
Pollen is a product that has been used for centuries, especially in traditional Chinese medicine. Very useful in case of fatigue especially during the changes of seasons, it will also stimulate your immune defenses.
Its virtues are: stimulation of the body, fortifying, restoring, functional rebalancing, euphoric, anti-allergenic … .

Pollen from Foreverliving will help you fight against fatigue (intellectual or physical), bring a better concentration and improve your memory,
especially in older subjects.
In convalescence, it will help prevent possible infections while stimulating your immune system. It can help also in case of constipation.

During seasonal allergies, pollen can prevent the effects of these allergies as a preventive treatment.

Bee pollen consists of carbohydrate (30 to 55%), protein: proteins and free amino acids (25 to 30%), lipids (fat), vitamins mainly of group B, minerals
(calcium, chlorine, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sulfur), as well as small amounts of antioxidants.

Benefits of Forever Bee Pollen


Stimulates the appetite

Pollen acts on the digestive system regulating small problems of digestion such as constipation, stimulates appetite and promotes weight recovery in case of weight loss.


Boost the body and the mind

Its richness in essential nutrients, makes Forever Bee pollen a great energy booster, bringing you a good dose of vitality, improving your concentration and your memory.


Strengthens the immune system

Rich in antioxidant and properties close to those of antibiotics, Forever Bee Pollen strengthens your body and protects it from microorganisms.

Tips for using Forever Bee Pollen

You can take up to 8 tablets of Forever Bee Pollen a day. If you are allergic to pollen in the spring, you can still enjoy the benefits of bee pollen but it is recommended to take a test by taking a quarter of a tablet a day for a week to make sure that there is no problem. In combination with a drinkable Aloe Vera Forever Bee Pollen will work wonders on your mood and longevity.

Possible synergy of Forever Bee Pollen with other Forever Living products


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