Forever Aloe Peaches

Form, and intestinal well-being at the rendezvous

Ideal for the entire family, Aloe Peaches is a Forever product particularly appreciated for its sweet peach flavor. Its fruity and sweet taste masks very well the bitterness of Aloe Vera.

The consumption of Aloe Peaches daily is beneficial for the body. It not only strengthens it, but also protects and stimulates it. 

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Capacity : 1 L
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Stabilized Aloe Vera

91% cold stabilized Aloe Vera gel, patent unique in the world to preserve the qualities of the raw plant.

IASC Label

Forever Stabilized Aloe Pulp is the first product in the world to be awarded the prestigious IASC label.


Tetra Pack packaging

The TetraPak packaging used is made of 6 layers that ensure total opacity, protecting the pulp from the harmful effects of light, and it is 100% recyclable.

Composed mainly of stabilized Aloe Vera pulp and peach juice concentrate, the Forever Aloe Peaches participate effectively in the maintenance of an optimal well-being in everyday life. The virtues of stabilized Aloe Vera pulp are combined with the benefits of peach. This tasty fruit is also rich in fiber, vitamins A, C and B as well as potassium.d 

Excellent sources of dietary fiber, the peach extracts present in the Forever Aloe Peaches allow to preserve a good digestive health. They are effective to fight against various digestive disorders including constipation, colic or indigestion. Forever Aloe Peaches is especially recommended for children.

Daily consumption of Forever Aloe Peaches also helps strengthen the body’s natural defenses against microorganisms. Its components are a source of powerful antioxidants that help fight against free radicals, responsible for the premature aging of cells.

Forever Aloe Peaches is also appreciated for its high diuretic qualities thanks to the depurative properties of peach combined with those of Aloe Vera.

At the end, Forever Aloe Peaches is ideal especially for children, in order to refuel, thanks to its content of Vitamins C, A and B, but also to the flavonoids it contains. 

Benefits of Aloe Peaches


Aloe Vera accredits natural offensives.

The Aloe Vera contained in Aloe Peaches helps maintain natural defenses against microorganisms and strengthens the immune system.


Aloe Peaches is beneficial in case of fatigue

The Forever Aloe Vera gel  allied to the peach present in the Aloe Peaches brings a real well-being in everyday life by fighting the effects of fatigue.


Forever Aloe Peaches is very rich in antioxidants

Aloe Peaches combines peach with stabilized Aloe Vera gel which reinforces its antioxidant action.

Forever Aloe Peaches participates in a better hydration

The aloe pulp contained in Aloe peaches is known to be 5 times more moisturizing than water because of its wealth of bio-available minerals.


Forever Aloe Peaches participates in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system

Aloe Peaches is specially designed to provide a better digestive comfort, thanks to the peach that helps fight against constipation.

Aloe Peaches stimulates the metabolism

The rich vitamin peach combined with the action of Aloe Vera gel will stimulate your metabolism.

Tips for using Forever Living's Aloe peaches

30 to 40 ml, 3 times a day on an empty stomach, or 90 to 120 ml in the morning on an empty stomach, its fruity taste with the fishing will appeal to young and old. Shake lightly before serving. Available in pack of 3 bottles.

Possible synergy of Forever Living Aloe Peaches

Forever Kids

Forever Kids is specially designed for children and young adults. True sources of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients Forever Kids is an ideal companion to regain form, tone and help fight against infections. Ideal in adequacy with the Heart of Aloe of Forever Living.

Forever Active Probiotic

Forever Active Pro-B is a unique blend of lactic ferments, designed to strengthen your intestinal flora. Consume with Aloe Peaches you will find a well-being digestive and intestinal.

Arctic Sea

Rich source of omega 3, Forever Arctic Sea in association with the Aloe Peaches will effectively support your cardiovascular functions.

What our customers say about Forever's Aloe Peaches

Because it’s you who speak the best!

le I love it ! My children appreciate it, they consume it on a daily basis and I do the same.


Ideal for gourmands and children who love peach. Insured benefits just like for the other cans I eat since 2012.


Since I drink Aloe Peaches, I have found an intestinal confort that I had lost for a long time! No more irritating laxatives! In addition, the taste of peach is delicious! Thanks to the vitamins of aloe vera I am in shape all day long!


Frequently Asked Questions about Forever Living's Aloe Heart

How much of Aloe Peaches should I drink?

It all depends on why you drink aloe vera gel. Some people take a small amount between 40 and 60 ml per day to maintain their general well-being. The doses recommended by Forever Living are 90 ml per day for an adult and 1 ml per 2 pounds per day for a child. Of course you can exceed these doses without risk of side effects.

Can I mix Aloe Peaches with something else if I do not like the taste?

The Aloe Peaches is enriched with peach, which gives it a sweet note and a pleasant fruity taste in the mouth. However if you wish you can dilute it with water or fruit juice.

What is the best time to drink Aloe Peaches ?

The ideal is to drink your aloe vera gel in the morning fasting in one take. But you can also take it in 3 times, the important thing is to take it on an empty stomach and wait at least 5 minutes before drinking a hot drink so as not to alter the raw quality of the plant.

After how long will I feel the effects of Aloe Peach?

There is no rule that varies from person to person. In general, most people experience positive effects at the beginning of the third bottle (between 3 and 4 weeks with the 90 ml counseling dose per day) but there are people who see improvement after the first week and others not before 3 months. It all depends on the intoxication of your body and its level of tone.

How to store Aloe Peaches?

If the bottle has not been opened you can keep the can of aloe pulp stabilized about 2 years out of the fridge in a cool and dry place without problem. On the other hand, once opened, the bottle must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within 2 months.

Can children drink Aloe Peaches ?

Yes and it’s even advisable. As for doses, from age 12 you can give them the same amount of aloe vera gel as an adult. For 6-12 years half and for under 6 years we recommend the equivalent of 1ml per 2.2 pounds of the child per day.

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