FAB Forever Active Boost

Energy Drink to be on top of your energy!

Looking for the little extra that will bring the extra energy for the smooth running of your days? Forever has developed FAB Forever Active Boost , an energy drink with carefully selected ingredients.

FAB Forever Active Boost is mainly composed of Aloe Vera pulp combined with caffeine (Guarana), taurine and L-glutamine. Each component has its own qualities, but act together to give your body all the energy, vitality and energy it needs.

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Unique composition

An exclusive blend of herbs and nutrients with ADX7 technology to provide you with long-lasting thermal energy and ease of recovery after exercise.

Guaranteed whipping

Energy Drink with immediate effects, Forever Active Boost will bring you energy and a real boost at the desired time.

Delicious taste

FAB – Forever Active Boost, in addition to bringing you a good dose of energy when you need it, is a pleasure drink that will delight your taste buds.
Taurine is an amino acid essential for the maintenance of vital functions of the body. Guarana, which contains caffeine, helps maintain a good metabolism and stimulates the nervous system. L-Glutamine is an important element in the proper functioning of muscles. Also found in FAB Forever Active Boost is the presence of Glucuronotactone, a derivative of sugar. It is an element that helps reduce the effects of fatigue. Finally, FAB Forever Active Boost has the ADX7 technology that combines certain plants and nutrients with toning qualities that allow the body to recover quickly after making great efforts. What you get back quickly!

FAB Forever Active Boost is an energy drink that can be consumed at any time of the day or night. It is specially designed to help you recover better after major physical or mental efforts (sports, work, revisions, parties). Proposed in the form of a 248 ml can, it is a drink that can accompany you everywhere by sliding easily into your bag.

Like any energy drink, FAB Forever Active Boost is for adults only. It is therefore not advisable to give to children. Its consumption is not recommended to pregnant women either.

Benefits of FAB Forever Active Boost


Energy booster

Forever Active Boost brings you immediately all the energy you need for a duration of about 4 hours.

Improves alertness and concentration

Guarana keeps you active and alert by stimulating your nervous system through norepinephrine.

Rich in essential nutrients

Forever Active Boost is rich in Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B12 and plant extract that promotes resistance to physical stress.

How to use FAB - Forever Active Boost

As soon as you need an immediate boost, before a party, during work, sport, or before an examun, shake Forever Active Boost’s can and drink there.

Possible synergy of Forever Active Boost with other Forever Living products

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