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For better urinary comfort

Aloe Vera has been known for many years for its exceptional qualities. Forever invites you to discover Aloe Berry Nectar, Aloe Vera gel mixed with the sweet flavor of cranberry and with the slight acid taste of the apple. A 100% natural combination for better digestive balance and enhanced immunity.

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Capacity: 1 L
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Aloe Stabilized 100% without preservatives

90.7% Aloe vera pulp, concentrated apple juice, cranberry concentrate patent unique in the world of stabilization to preserve the qualities of the raw plant and increase by 300% the bioavailability of vitamins.

IASC Label

Forever Stabilized Aloe Gel is the first product in the world to be awarded the prestigious Iasc label

Opaque packaging and 100% recyclable

The TetraPak packaging used is made of 6 layers that ensure total opacity, protecting the pulp from the harmful effects of light, and it is 100% recyclable.
The product is appreciated both for its refreshing quality and the benefits it provides. You will find in Aloe Berry Nectar Forever both the virtues of Aloe Vera and the surprising qualities of cranberry. An association that acts smoothly and effectively on the body to provide an optimal level of well-being in everyday life.

Studies have shown that the consumption of Aloe Vera pulp with cranberry and apple extracts has beneficial effects, one of the most important of which is to strengthen the immune system.

Cranberry is rich in vitamin C, potassium, sodium and phosphorus. Its many components act in different ways, especially in the prevention of various infections and especially those of the urinary system.

The cranberry extracts found in Aloe Berry Nectar also help prevent certain stomach infections, especially those caused by “Helicobacter pylori” including ulcers or chronic gastritis.

The fruit also has powerful antioxidant powers that act against free radicals, thus regulating gastrointestinal disorders. Associated with the effects of the apple, rich in fiber, the cranberry contributes to offer a better digestive comfort. But it is also known for its preventive qualities against the appearance of cardiovascular diseases. The flavonoids that compose it contribute to considerably reduce the risks of atherosclerosis, to lower the arterial pressure, but also make it possible to control the cholesterol level.

Benefits of Aloe Berry Nectar from Forever Living


Aloe Vera increases the natural defenses.

The aloe vera gel contained in Aloe Berry nectar contributes to the natural defenses against micro-organisms and strengthens the immune system.

Aloe Berry Nectar maintains a healthy urinary system

Aloe Berry Nectar is enriched with cranberries known to improve the functioning of the urinary system.

Aloe Berry Nectar is very rich in antioxidants

The benefits of Aloe Vera combined with cranberry make Aloe Berry Nectar a drink rich in antioxidants.

Aloe vera contributes to better hydration

Aloe Vera contained in large quantities in Aloe Berry Nectar is known to be 5 times more moisturizing than water because of its wealth of bio-available miners.

Aloe Berry Nectar helps maintain a healthy digestive system

Aloe Berry Nectar is mainly composed of Aloe Vera but also enriched with apple extracts. The combination of the two will strengthen the digestive system.

ALOE BERRY NECTAR helps reduce fatigue

Aloe Berry Nectar by its composition, especially rich in Viatamine C will come to combat the effects of fatigue and give you energy.

Tips for using Forever Aloe Berry Nectar

30 to 40 ml, 3 times a day on an empty stomach, or 90 to 120 ml in the morning fasting, its taste is slightly sweet and will be appreciated by all. Shake lightly before serving. Available in pack of 3 bottles.

Possible Synergy of Forever Living's Aloe Berry Nectar



The aloe vera gel contained in Aloe Berry Necar combined with probiotics form a beautiful synergy to promote a healthy digestive flora for a mental and physical well-being

Forever Propolis

The Forever Propolis has anti-microbial properties, it will protect the body from the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Associated with the Aloe Berry Nectar its action will be strengthened.

Forever Ginkgo Plus

Forever Ginkgo by its composition of 3 Chinese plants will strengthen the blood system and support natural defenses. Used in synergy with Aloe Berry Nectar it will help you to find better vitality and a strengthened blood system.

What our customers say about Forever Aloe Berry Nectar

Because it is you who speak it best!
Before aloe berry I suffered a lot of urinary infections at least once every 2 or 3 months. Since I am taking aloe berry, I am not afraid to suffer from these nasty infections because all my urinary system is cleaned and protected and bye bye bacteria. Anne-Marie

Inescapable product that combines all the benefits of stabilized aloe pulp with those of cranberry. Delicious, we never get tired of drinking and re-brewing Julie

Finally an extraordinary product that meets our expectations: all the benefits of STABILIZED Aloe Vera and antioxidants Cranberry! Ideal for ladies and for children, but also for us men;) Pierre

Frequently Asked Questions about Forever Living Aloe Berry Nectar


How much Aloe Berry Nectar should I drink?

It all depends on why you drink aloe vera pulp. Some people take a small amount between 40 and 60 ml per day to maintain their general well-being. Others use it for specific purposes, in case of illness or chemotherapy and the doses can vary from 100 to 200 ml per day. The doses recommended by Forever Living are 90 ml per day for an adult and 1 ml / kilo day for a child. Of course you can exceed these doses without risk of side effects.

Can I mix Aloe Berry Nectar with something else if I do not like the taste?

Aloe Berry Nectar has a slightly sweet taste due to its cranberry and apple content, so it is pleasant to taste and easily drink without adding anything. But if you prefer to add water or fruit juice it’s up to you of course.

When is the best time to drink Aloe Berry Nectar?

The ideal is to drink your Aloe Berry Nectar in the morning on an empty stomach in one take. But you can also take it in 3 times, the important thing is to take it on an empty stomach and wait at least 5 minutes before drinking a hot drink so as not to alter the raw quality of the plant.

How long will I feel the effects of Aloe Berry Nectar from Forever?

There is no rule, it varies from person to person. In general, most people experience positive effects at the beginning of the third bottle (between 3 and 4 weeks with a dose of 90 ml per day) but there are people who see improvement after the first week and others not before 3 months. It all depends on the poisoning of your body and its level of tone.

Comment stoker l'Aloe Berry Nectar ?

If the bottle has not been opened you can keep the can of aloe gel stabilized about 2 years out of the fridge in a cool and dry place without problem. On the other hand, once opened, the bottle must be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within 2 months.

Can children drink Aloe Berry Nectar

Yes and it’s even advisable. As for doses, from age 12 you can give them the same amount of aloe vera gel as an adult. For 6-12 years half and for under 6 years we recommend the equivalent of 1ml per kilo of the child per day.

Is the same patented process used?

The patented pulp stabilization process is no longer used.

Here are the characteristics of the new process:

– Aseptic process = from production to bottling, all the steps are performed under aseptic conditions, that is to say in a place where all microorganisms have been destroyed. Therefore, on the one hand the Aloe vera gell is flash-pasteurized, and on the other hand the environment and the bottling equipment are sterilized. TetraPak is also aseptic and the filling is done under vacuum. So all the conditions are right for production and packaging to take place in an environment without microorganisms.

– pH stabilized = the pH of the Aloe vera gel is modified to be as close as possible to that of the fresh plant. The pH adjustment is done with citric acid, a molecule found naturally in lemons.

– Antioxidant = the antioxidant molecules prevent the oxidation of products, causing a loss of quality and nutritional value. The antioxidant molecule used in the formula of the new Aloe vera pulp is vitamin C, which not only protects the product in which it is introduced, but also has the advantage of having many benefits for the body (reduction tiredness, proper functioning of the immune system …).

It is therefore the combination of the three points mentioned above which makes it possible not to use preservatives in the new formula of the pulp.

What is flash pasteurization? does it affect the quality / preservation of Aloe Vera nutrients?

Flash pasteurization is a preservation process that preserves the nutritional value of a liquid without distorting its taste.

During flash pasteurization, the product is heated for a few seconds and then cooled just as quickly. Thus microorganisms are destroyed. Thanks to an extremely short heat treatment time, the nutritional value is not impaired: vitamins and minerals are preserved.

This process is milder than conventional pasteurization and is mainly used in the fruit juice industry. It helps to maintain the quality of these products without the addition of preservatives.

What is an aseptic process?

An aseptic process guarantees the destruction and absence of harmful bacteria in a food, thus preserving its quality, freshness and nutritional value. To do this, several strategies are deployed:

– During production: all microorganisms are destroyed. The technique used in the case of the production of Aloe vera gel is flash pasteurization (see above). In addition, the transport to the bottling plants is carried out in optimal and aseptic conditions, that is to say in opaque tanks previously sterilized, in order to avoid any contamination.

– When packing: all packaging materials are also sterilized. The tetrapaks are filled under vacuum. The bottling environment is also perfectly controlled. It is performed in a sterile room.

What is pH ?

pH is a chemical quantity. pH stands for Hydrogen potential. It measures the acidic or basic character of a solution, on a scale ranging from 1 to 14. A pH of 7 characterizes a neutral pH, whereas when a pH is less than 7 it is associated with an acid medium and above 7 to a basic medium.

What is citric acid?

Citric acid is a molecule usually found in large quantities in lemon. Thanks to its acidic character, it makes it possible to decrease the pH of a solution.

Does the new process affect texture? Is the appearance preserved?

You will notice that the texture of the new pulp is different from those in tin. The pieces of Aloe vera are smaller.

The new pulp manufacturing process requires a standardized and optimized size of the particles in the liquid. For example, during the flash pasteurization, the rise in temperature as well as the cooling could not be homogeneous in case of presence of particles too big.

That’s why Aloe Bits’n Peaches became Aloe Peach

If no preservatives are used, how is the pulp preserved?

As previously explained, the new method of the gel production completely eliminates the use of preservatives. As a reminder, the new process combines:

1) Aseptic production and packaging,

2) pH stabilization,

3) the use of antioxidants.

What are the characteristics of the new packaging?

The new packaging of the pulp, the Tetra Pak has many advantages:

– It protects the nutritional value and taste of the content

– Convenient format to take in hand

– Easy to place in the fridge – 100% recyclable

Do not be shy !

If we did not answer all your questions, feel free to ask them.

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