Aloe vera, the plant with thousand virtues

This mythical plant that is Aloe Vera has been recognized for thousands of years for its many benefits . Aloe Vera is composed of more than 250 active ingredients, including Vitamins A, B, C and E, many minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium, manganese or zinc, there are glucose, mannose and cellulose.

Magic for your skin and hydratation

Beneficial for the digestive system

Regulates the immune system

The benefits of aloe vera, this wonderful plant

For your skin

Aloe vera is very moisturizing

It helps with the reconstruction of the skin

Helps with cicatrization

and have an analgesic effect

Its beneficial effects for the hydration of the skin and its high penetration rate in the epidermis is conferred by its high content of polysaccharides.

Aloe vera helps the regeneration of the skin by proliferation of keratinocytes (main component of the epidermis) and synthesis of type I collagen.

Aloe vera also helps for cicatrization of the skin.

With its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, aloe vera is very effective for stings and burns.

For your body

Aloe vera boosts metabolism

Strengthens the immune system

increases resistance to physical stress

has an anti-inflammatory effect

Aloe is a real booster for the immune system, it helps to fight against viruses and bacteria effectively, and a regulatory action of the immune system.

It increases metabolism, increases resistance to physical stress and has a beneficial effect in case of fatigue.

Aloe vera is a vegetable in the family Liliaceae that makes it a plant that can be used every day to maintain a healthy diet.

It has anti-inflammatory effects and can have a positive effect on some pains and plays a role in maintaining a good acid-base balance.

From the plant to the consumer Forever works in vertical integration

From cultivation to gel harvesting and extraction, stabilization, manufacturing and packaging of products,Forever masters each stage of production.



Extraction of the pulp


Production Freeze

Packaging products



What makes Forever Living the World Leader of Aloe vera?

Their Plantations

Aloe vera plantations of Forever Living are located in 3 locations: in the United States near Phoenix in Texas, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. All three have a very favorable climate for growing aloe vera.

Their requirements

Forever Living ensures that its aloe vera plants grow in the best climate conditions.

Harvesting is done entirely by hand to ensure that the aloe vera is not degraded and that the plant is fully mature. Then the aloe vera leaves are sent directly to the factories near the fields. The proximity of the plants is very important so that the aloe vera does not have time to oxidize before the stabilization.

Then the aloe vera leaves are carefully washed and rinsed to prepare them to extract the precious gel that is the basis of all Forever products.

Then the gel is separated from the bark and rinsed again to remove the sap that is not edible.

The pulp is then ready to be cold stabilized by a unique patented process.

Numerous laboratory tests guarantee the exceptional quality that allows the brand to be labeled by the IASC.

For its Aloe Vera, Forever Livings Demands Excellence

Aloe vera is one of nature’s most beautiful gifts, it is normal for Forever Living to make every effort to unveil all of its potency. It is for this reason that Forever has decided to master all the stages of production, in order to guarantee a pulp of the highest quality. It is not for nothing that all Forever products based on aloe vera are certified by the prestigious IASC label.

Quality criteria specific to aloe vera and recognized internationally

Forever is a company that is very committed ecologically and socially. An ethics and a requirement on the quality of the products which is no longer to prove.

ISO 14001 certified

For the respect of the environment in the production processes of Forever products.

ISO 9001 certified

For the constant quality guarantee of Forever Living Product.

OHSAS 18001 certified

For Forever’s attention to the health, safety and well-being of its employees.

IASC Quality label

Forever products are the first in the world to have been awarded the International Scientific Council’s aloe vera seal for purity.

Certified products

Many Forever products are labeled and guaranteed Kosher and Halal.

A qualitative model

The quality of our sales system is validated by our membership in the Federation of Direct Selling and the respect of its Code of Ethics.

Scientifically proven

Scientific tests have confirmed the excellence of our cosmetics products.

Leaping Bunny Program

Forever is committed to PETA for the welfare of animals and does not test their products. Cruelty Free International Partner.

Make the choice of Forever Living Products for your aloe vera

By trusting Forever Living products for your aloe you choose :

Ethical and responsible products

High quality products

The best aloe vera in the world


When you decide to buy aloe vera it is important to make sure that you :

When you decide to buy aloe vera it is very important to take care of the following points:

  • The origin of the pulp , it must grow in a suitable environment, in the open air in an unpolluted place, it needs light and heat.
  • The conditioning of the pulp or aloe vera gel must imperatively be opaque, in fact the light degrades the qualities of the aloe very quickly.
  • Certification of the gel : Make sure that the product is certified by the IASC.

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