Welcome on Aloeveraforever blog !

Welcome on Aloeveraforever blog !

For this first article, I’m going to introduce myself to you. Explain why this blog, what you’ll find on it, why … Today, July 1st, is a beginning for me, a new page that we are going to write together. I hope you’ll like it and don’t hesitate to reach out to me if necessary ! And remember, nature is our friend.

About me …

Loving nature and caring for others since childhood, therefore this path has come quite naturally to me. Also my career has been a bit of a shambles but is it this not the case for all those who seek? As a result, fate has decided to put me back on the right path in a somewhat brutal way.

Firstly, four years ago, during an au pair stay in the United States in New Jersey. And because I didn’t know at the time, I went on hike with some friends and probably was bitten by a tick (that I never saw). After that, I began to develop a numerous of symptoms that prevented me from living normally. It was only a year later that I learned through an Igenex blood test that I was sadly diagnosed with Lyme disease. The antibiotic treatment did not work. For this reason I decided after my return to France to treat myself in a natural way. Hence plant based and a healthy diet! In today’s day I am much better.

Secondly, I am neither a naturopath, nor a dietician or have a degree in medicine. All I am going to talk about is a lot of personal studies and research. And most importantly lots of discussions with many health professionals. In conclusion, I want to share my course, and share what I was able to learn and what I will discover during the months and years to come! That is to say, it is not impossible that a naturopathic carrier will one day be consider ! But for now, this is me.

Why Aloe Vera ?

I started using Aloe Vera after I told a friend I wasn’t doing so good and I was very tired all the time, didn’t have a lots of energy and some gut problem. In order to follow my path and stays in the natural healing process, I read tons of articles about Aloe Vera benefits.

After learning more and more about this plant, given that was the truth, I had to try for myself. With this in mind, I started a 3 month cure and it helped me so much ! In addition, I used some of their other products and was so satisfied that I decided to join the team. We will be talking more about Forever Living Aloe Vera later on and why is it the best one (in my opinion) on the market.

I really hope you will find on this blog everything that you are looking for.

Do not hesitate to leave me comments !
For those who take care of their health to share their knowledge, for Aloe vera users to share their experiences, for the passionate of well-being to share your methods … In short, advice to amateurs and enthusiasts, I would be delighted to to exchange with you!

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